Water Supply

1) Documents Required for New Water Connection

i) Property Tax Assessment details receipt in applicant’s name.

ii) Land Documents and details pertaining to the ownership of the applicant property.

2) Charges for New Water Connection

1 Application Form Fees Rs.5/- Rs.5/-
2 Water Connection Fees Rs.5000/- Rs.10,000/-
3 Water Charges per Month Rs.50/- Rs.250/-
4 Deposit of Water Connection Rs.100/- Rs.500/-
5 Plumbing Charges Rs.250/- Rs.250/-
6 Road Cutting Charges For CC Roads per meter Rs.500/- Rs.500/-
7 Road Cutting Charges For BT Roads per meter Rs.600 Rs.800/-
8 Road Cutting Charges For Mud Roads per meter Rs.200/- Rs.200/-