1. Health Superintendent – 1

2. Health Inspectors – 3

3. Sanitary Supervisors – 9

190 Safaiwalas (110 Civil Conservancy and 80 Military Conservancy), who are responsible for upkeep of sanitation in Cantonment area including Fort St.George situated outside Cantonment limit.

Their services rendered is as follows:-

1.Cleaning of roads and streets

2.Collection and removal of garbage from dustbins.

3.Clearing and desilting of drains.

4.Maintenance of public latrines

5.Clearing of bushes in public area

6.Maintenance of garden and traffic islands. Planting of saplings to improve greenery in the Cantonment.

7.Removal of dead animals.

8.Maintenance of cattle pound for preventing wandering of cows in streets.

9.Implementing Animal Birth Control for stray dogs in Cantt. area.

10.Spraying insecticides like anti-malaria/dengue etc.

11.Registration of Birth and Death in Cantonment area and issue of Birth/Death Certificate thereafter.

12.Removal of building materials kept without permission and demolition of unauthorised construction/erection of hut and construction of Building.


1.Collection/removal of garbage on – within 24 hours of complaint receipt of complaint of non-lifting

2.Cleaning of roads and streets – -do-

3.Clearing of drains on receipt of complaint -do-

4.Clearing of bushes in public area – within 24 hours of complaint

5.Removal of dead animals on – within 4 hours of complaint receipt of complaint

6.Impounding of cattle on streets -do-

7.Spraying insecticides – within 24 hours of complaint

8.Registration of Birth/Death – within 2 days of receipt of report

9.Issue of Birth/Death Certificate – within 3 days

10.Spraying insecticides like anti-malaria/ dengue etc. within 24 Hours

11.Issue of trade licence for shops and establishment in Cantonment area and prevention of food adulteration.


1.Birth/Death Certificate – Rs.200/- per copy .

2.Vermin compost – Rs. 10/- per kg.