Revenue & Tax

Tax Branch

The revenue section of the Cantonment Board is carrying out the collection of revenue and invokes new ways/methods to augment revenue to the Cantonment Board.  The revenue section of the St. Thomas Mount and Pallavaram Cantonment Board handles the Maintenance & collection of

(i) Property Tax

(ii) Profession Tax

(iii) TTIP

(iv) Entertainment Taxes etc. and non-taxes includes,

(i)Rent from Shops

(ii)Rent from Marriage Halls

(iii) Rent from Temp. Occupation of Land

(iv)Sale of Water

The revenue section is headed by a Revenue Superintendent and Consists of Cashier, Tax Collectors, Bill Collectors for the revenue collection.  Meanwhile the office work/paper work is carried out by the indoor clerks.

The Property tax is collected annually and Profession tax is collected bi-annually.  The average of Property tax collection for the last 10 years is more than 90%.