Information Technology

The I.T section handles the in-house projects and applications that includes the Payroll, Taxation, water charges Property tax, DAK management andfinancial applications and also looks after the hosting of official website and Hospital management Software run through Cloud servers. Also the I.T section of this office was the pilot location for handling the Rakshabhoomi and ABAS project. And this office handles the infrastructure of the ABAS application server i.e. Cloud web application and Data base software. The repository server of the Rakshabhoomi database is placed in our prescribed datacenter. Also the entire office is connected through LAN and the Pallavaram sub office is connected with this office through leased line connection to access the internal application server of our Cantonment. Also various online services including paying of property tax, water charges & shop rent, booking of marriage hall, viewing and downloading of birth and death certificates, RTI complaints, Submission of online building applications and lodging of public grievances are enabled for the public through web portal and Android mobile application.The Samadhan service call centreis dedicatedly set up to register the complaints received telephonically from the public and to update the same in the Samadhan portal for further follow ups and actions.

Document Management System

A customized web based Document management system has been developed in-house enables us to access any office file in less than a second through a wide range of search option using any simple keywords. The web based DMS repository itself has got the complete scanned images of file contents and data which the user can access remotely in any desktop inside the office premises.


This office is presently using RakshaBhoomi version 5.0 to record the General Land details registry of inside civil areas. All the entries made in GLR are updated in RB instantly at once the GLR is recorded with new entries or amendments. The RB is  in sync with with the local backup server of RB installed in our data centre and the latest RB data is accessible even in case of failure to access the centralized version of RB 5.0

Public Grievance Redressal Software – Samadhan

The grievances redressed by Public telephonically via Samadhan contact number is been updated in the Public grievance portal “SAMADHAN” promptly and the recorded grievances are categorised section wise and forwarded to the concerned sections. The status of the registered grievances shall be tracked using the same portal and updated on resolving the same. The complainant is informed through SMS at every stage till the Complaint is disposed off.

Employee Utility Software – Suvidha

The requests from employees are registered offline by using Suvidha forms and the requisite details such as issue of the copy of the Paybill, PF balances, PF loan details and interest are available in our online application and have been issued to the staff upon such requests through Suvidha.

File Management Software (FMS) for CB record room

File Management System is used to keep track of the file location and trace it whenever required. The complete details of the file with closed and open status is available. Department master, each almirah and compactor details of every file are entered along with the physical location. The FMS facility allows easy search of the files and also gives details of the current custodian and the physical location. The total count of files entered in FMS is 6110.

Digitization of Defence land records

The Phase I survey of Defence land was done earlier and recently the Peripheral boundary survey of Defence land was carried out, and shape was given. The Cantonment property was also geo –tagged.