PWD maintains the land record details of the Cantonment area and executes the following works.

1.Laying of new/maintenance of roads

2.Construction and repair of drains

3.Construction of new buildings (Original works)

4.Tender process for the above work

5.Sanctioning of building plans and monitoring strict adherence to FSI To prevent unauthorised construction.

6.Maintenance of Cantonment properties like office building, schools, shops and Kalyanamandapam.

BUILDING PLANS Application form – Available on all working days on payment of Rs.50/- (from 10 AM to 4 PM) Submission of filled in Application – On all working days. Decision on application – within 30 days (Civil area – Sanctioned by CEO) For sanction of building plans – within 30 days (outside Civil area- Sanctioned by the Cantonment Board)

7.Dealing all other miscellaneous complaints regarding lands, etc.

8.PWD Section also renders Electricity and Water supply inside cantonment limits


1.Attend to the complaints on water Flow from the main line – within 1 hour to 24 hours.

2.Leakage in main water pipe line.

3.Complaint on contamination (or) Quality of drinking water supplied.

4.Complaint of failure from source Line or failure in the pumping station.

5.Acute water shortage – water supplied through water Tankers.

6.Complaint on duration and frequency of supply – within 5 days.

7.Water supply complaint regarding individual house service / commercial connections.


1.Time of application form – on all working days

2.Acceptance of filled in application

3.Acknowledgement of application

4.Intimation to applicant in case of – within 15 days deficiency in application form

5.Intimation to applicant for depositing – within 90 days of receipt of deposits and charges application (Depends upon the availability of Water)

6.Time of sanction letter to provide – within a fortnight connection

S.NoNameDesignationResponsibilitiesContact No.
1 P.Sathish Kumar Assistant Engineer Civil 9444587718
2 K.Tamil Selvan Junior Engineer E&M 9445568106
3 M.Aravind Raj Junior Engineer Civil 8883282660
4 M.Praveen Junior Engineer Civil 7339258585
5 B.Robin Jeyanth Junior Engineer Civil 8825699714